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Changing you Medicare Supplement

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In Washington if you are enrolled in a plan B-N you can change to any other plan B-N at any time without underwriting. If you are enrolled in plan A you can switch to another plan A without underwriting. This means you can call our office for a Medicare supplement plan review any time of year. 

The most popular supplements are Plan G, Plan F, Plan N and high deductible Plan G. 

There are several reasons it is good to review your supplement benefits. Sometimes there are carriers with lower rates for the same plan letter and other times there are household discounts. Or maybe your budget changed and you need to change plan letters. 

Call our office to see if there may be a better supplement plan for you to enroll in today. 

Our service is free.

All you pay for is the premiums, which are the same with or without our help.

Call one of our licensed independent insurance agents for help today

Did you know that our service is completley free? That’s right – you don’t pay a penny for our help. We have helped thousands of people in Washington understand how Medicare works and how to get coverage. Call us today to get your questions answered.

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