Individual & Family POS Insurance

Point-of-Service Insurance a Combination of HMO & PPO.
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Point-of-Service Insurance

PPO/HMO Hybrid With Low Premiums & Out Of Network Coverage

What is a POS Health Insurance Plan?

POS or Point-of-Service insurance is a combination of HMO and PPO. You may need to choose a primary care physician and you may need to get referrals in the network. However, unlike an HMO you also can see providers outside of your network. Let’s learn more about POS insurance plans in Washington.

What is a POS provider?

A POS provider is a person or organization that has agreed to be a part of the plan’s network, and to provide services to its members.

What does POS cover?

POS is rather like HMO in terms of coverage. One major difference is that POS provides nationwide coverage. You can consult doctors outside the network area, with limitations.

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All you pay for is the premiums, which are the same with or without our help.

How Does POS Health Insurance Work?

POS insurance, as we mentioned earlier, is a unique combination of HMO and PPO.  You may need to choose a primary care physician (PCP) and get a referral before seeing a specialist. However, you will still have some coverage for out-of-network visits.

Benefits of POS Insurance

Lower premiums – The premiums for a POS plan are lower, which is great for those who want an affordable, low-cost solution.

Out-of-network coverage – You get some coverage for out-of-network doctor visits, which is a perk.

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POS Insurance Plan FAQs

When Do You Get POS Insurance?

You can buy or change your POS plan during the open enrollment period. Your broker will notify you when it is approaching, so you have enough time to go over your options and choose a plan.

How Do You Get a POS Health Plan?

You will need to get in touch with an insurance agent, who will be able to guide you through the purchasing process.

You can buy POS insurance from an insurance agency that provides it. If you live in Washington state, contact McGregor Benefits for an affordable POS insurance plan.

Working with an insurance agent makes the process very simple, so you don’t have to do much. Most of the paperwork will be taken care of, and the agent will look for plans and present the best ones to you.

Get in touch with a POS insurance broker near you, and they will help you choose a plan from the WAhealthplanfinder.

Individual & Family Insurance Benefits

Vision Insurance

Individual Vision Coverage often includes eye exams, contact lens & fittings, eyeglass lenses and frames, and discounts on LASIK.

HSA Plans

Eligible medical plans work in conjunction with a bank account to save money tax free for future medical expenses.

HMO Health Insurance

Low-cost insurance health insurance within a network of providers.

PPO Insurance

Premium health insurance with the freedom to visit any doctors, specialists, and providers.

POS Insurance

Point of Service is a hybrid HMO/PPO insurance plan. Choose a primary care physician and get partial coverage for out of network providers.

Disability Insurance

Individual and family disability coverage. Protect yourself and your family from unexepected injury. Short and Long Term plans.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage for you and your family. Choose from multiple insurance options like low-cost HMO and premium PPO plans. 

EPO Insurance

An EPO plan offers health care services through a network of pharmacies, doctors and hospitals. 

POS Insurance Agents Near You

McGregor Benefits is an independent health insurance agency in Washington state. We have a team of expert insurance agents who are ready to help you find the perfect plan for your and your family’s needs. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about POS insurance.

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