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Individual & Family Vision Insurance Plans Washington

Lower the costs associated with vision correction and your eye health.
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Vision Insurance — For You & Your Family

Your eyes help you see and interact with the world, so it’s important that you take good care of them. Vision insurance can help you afford preventative eye care and corrective procedures, so you can enjoy this beautiful world with your loved ones. McGregor Benefits is an independent health insurance agency that can assist you in finding low-cost vision insurance in Washington state.

What Is an Individual Vision Plan?

Vision insurance plans are provided by insurance companies. They help you get routine eye exams, prescription eyewear, and they may provide a discount on eye procedures such as LASIK.

What Are the Benefits of a Vision Plan?

  • It helps you maintain eye health. This is the biggest benefit of vision insurance, and VSP provides some excellent low-cost plans. Normally, health insurance doesn’t cover vision, so eye health is somewhat ignored – which isn’t good, especially if your job requires you to look at a screen for extended periods.
  • It helps protect overall health. Your eyes provide a glimpse of your overall health. Routine eye exams will not only help you keep your eyes healthy, but also enable your doctor to spot serious conditions such as diabetes and cancer. Many health conditions, such as migraines, are affected by your eye health.
  • Reduces costs. If you need an eye exam, eyeglasses or lenses, or corrective surgery, you might find yourself covering the entire cost if you don’t have vision insurance. So it’s a good idea to invest in a plan, even if you don’t need vision insurance at present.

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Who Are Vision Insurance Plans Good for?

They are a good idea for people with eye issues. Also, those who spend a lot of time in front of screens – whether at home or at work.

What Do Vision Plans Cover?

Vision insurance plans typically cover an annual eye exam,lenses and frames. Usually you can get contacts instead of glasses under your policy. Depending on the plan you choose you may have to pay a copay.

Who Offers Vision Plans for Individuals?

There are many different vision insurance companies that you can purchase a plan from. VSP Vision – is a popular option. We can help you choose the best one based on your needs (low premium, low out-of-pocket expenses, comprehensive care, etc.)

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Vision Insurance FAQs

Can you buy just vision insurance?

Yes, you can buy vision insurance as a standalone plan.

Which vision insurance is the best?

VSP is considered to be one of the largest vision insurance providers in America.

Is vision insurance worth the cost?

In Washington, vision insurance doesn’t cost much, so it is generally considered well worth the expense.

How do I know what vision insurance I have?

You can find out what plan you have and what it covers by visiting the website mentioned on your insurance card. For further help, reach out to us!

How much is a vision exam without insurance?

An eye exam in the USA costs, on average, $200 without insurance.

How much is vision insurance a month?

VSP provides plans that start at $13.If you want better coverage and lower out-of-pocket costs, the premium will go up a little.

Should I get vision insurance?

We recommend getting an individual vision plan for preventative care, especially for those who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

Can you get vision insurance at any time?

Yes, you can buy vision insurance plans at any time of the year.

Individual & Family Insurance Benefits

Vision Insurance

Individual Vision Coverage often includes eye exams, contact lens & fittings, eyeglass lenses and frames, and discounts on LASIK.

HSA Plans

Eligible medical plans work in conjunction with a bank account to save money tax free for future medical expenses.

HMO Health Insurance

Low-cost insurance health insurance within a network of providers.

PPO Insurance

Premium health insurance with the freedom to visit any doctors, specialists, and providers.

POS Insurance

Point of Service is a hybrid HMO/PPO insurance plan. Choose a primary care physician and get partial coverage for out of network providers.

Disability Insurance

Individual and family disability coverage. Protect yourself and your family from unexepected injury. Short and Long Term plans.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage for you and your family. Choose from multiple insurance options like low-cost HMO and premium PPO plans. 

EPO Insurance

An EPO plan offers health care services through a network of pharmacies, doctors and hospitals. 

Vision Insurance Agents Near You

Each McGregor Benefits independent vision insurance broker is licensed to sell vision insurance. Your agent will:

  • Help you review vision insurance options in WA state
  • Compare stand alone vision to one attached to your medical plan, and
  • Show you which vision coverage is the best for you and your family
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