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How much does Part B Cost?

There is a monthly premium for Part B. Most people pay the standard monthly amount. In 2022, the standard monthly premium is $170.10. If you make a higher income you can have a higher premium.  

If you are receiving Social Security Part B will be deducted from your check monthly. If you are not receiving Social Security then you will be billed quarterly for your Part B premium.

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Part B Benefits

Medicare Part B covers outpatient services. This includes services such as:

  • Services from doctors and other health care providers
  • Outpatient care
  • Preventative Care
  • Home Health care
  • Durable Medical Equipment

Part B covers outpatient services such as doctor’s visits, labs and x-rays, ambulance and colonoscopies. However it also covers some services that may be in a hospital such as cancer treatment, outpatient surgery and dialysis.

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What other services do I pay for under Part B?

Part B has an annual deductible that changes annually. In 2022 the deductible is $233. After you pay your deductible Medicare pays 80% of covered services and you pay 20%. You would also be responsible for any “excess charges” that some  facilities can charge. The big difference between Medicare Part B and your under 65 insurance is that there is no stop loss. This means if you have a $500,000 service you would have to pay 20% of that bill. This is why our clients sign up for Medicare Supplements or a MedAdvantage plan. 

Does Part B cover prescriptions? 

There are a limited number of RX that are covered in Part B. Typically, these covered drugs are given to you in a doctor’s office. Some examples of Part B covered drugs are: flu shot, oral cancer drugs, tube feeding and provider administered injectable drugs. 

In general, drugs that you pick up at a pharmacy are covered under a Part D plan. 

Part B does not cover

In general Part B does not cover routine vision, dental, prescriptions from a pharmacy, massage therapy, hearing aids, long term care and out of country care. It also would not cover care that was not medically necessary.

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Part B Late Enrollment Penalty

If you do not enroll in Part B when you are first eligible you have to pay an extra 10% for each year you could have enrolled but did not. This penalty is added to your Part B premium as long as you are enrolled. 

You may also need to wait to enroll in Part B. During Medicare General Enrollment Period January 1st- March 31st you can enroll in Part B and your coverage would begin July 1st.

If you are retiring is it important to not miss your special election period in order to avoid this penalty. 

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