Individual & Family PPO Insurance

Provider Flexibility

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Preferred Provider Organization Insurance — Comprehensive Coverage, Provider Flexibility

If you like flexibility to see doctors in or out of network or need to consult specialists often, a PPO plan may be right for you. It has less restrictions compared to an HMO plan. The only caveat, is that the premiums for PPO plans are usually higher. A PPO broker in Washington can help you find a good low-cost plan.

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What is a PPO insurance?

What does PPO stand for?

PPO is short for Preferred Provider Organization, which refers to the providers in the plan’s network. These providers in the network have contracted to provide care at a certain rate.

Why would someone choose a PPO?

If you would like to have the control to see the doctor of your choice a PPO may be a good option. PPO plans allow you to see providers in the network and out of the network. If you stay in the network you typically pay less than if you go out of the network. PPO plans do not require referrals. 

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PPO Insurance Plan FAQs

How Does PPO Health Insurance Work?

Once you have a PPO plan you don’t need to select a primary care physician. You also don’t have to get a referral to visit a specialist. You can choose to pay less and go to providers in the network or pay more and see out of network providers.

Who Can Buy PPO Insurance?

In order to be eligible for PPO insurance, you may need to reside in the plan’s service area.

How Do You Get a PPO Health Plan?

You will need to contact a reliable insurance company in your area which provides PPO insurance. McGregor Benefits is an excellent option.

Your PPO insurance broker will look up plans on the WAhealthplanfinder or direct with the carrier, or through your employer group or MedAdvantage plan.

The process is very quick and simple if you’re working with a good agent. They’ll handle all the difficult work for you, find a plan that is suitable, and make sure you can purchase it without hassle.

Reach out to a health insurance agency near you if you’d like to purchase PPO, POS, EPO or HMO health insurance.

Which Is Better – PPO or HMO Health Insurance?

Both are great options. PPO health insurance provides greater flexibility of providers, without referrals. While HMO is best for people who want lower premiums. For more information, contact a PPO insurance broker in Washington.

Individual & Family Insurance Benefits

Vision Insurance

Individual Vision Coverage often includes eye exams, contact lens & fittings, eyeglass lenses and frames, and discounts on LASIK.

HSA Plans

Eligible medical plans work in conjunction with a bank account to save money tax free for future medical expenses.

HMO Health Insurance

Low-cost insurance health insurance within a network of providers.

PPO Insurance

Premium health insurance with the freedom to visit any doctors, specialists, and providers.

POS Insurance

Point of Service is a hybrid HMO/PPO insurance plan. Choose a primary care physician and get partial coverage for out of network providers.

Disability Insurance

Individual and family disability coverage. Protect yourself and your family from unexepected injury. Short and Long Term plans.

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage for you and your family. Choose from multiple insurance options like low-cost HMO and premium PPO plans. 

EPO Insurance

An EPO plan offers health care services through a network of pharmacies, doctors and hospitals. 

PPO Insurance Agents Near You

McGregor Benefits is an independent health insurance agency in Burlington, WA. We work with numerous insurance carriers throughout Washington state, and can help you find the perfect plan. Our agents will take you through the process, helping you understand the steps and answering any questions you have. And you get all these services for no extra cost! When you hire us, you only pay the insurance premium – our services to you are completely free of charge.

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