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Medigap Supplement Plans

Private insurance to help fill gaps in Medicare

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Medigap Supplement Plans – Additional Insurance to Fill the Gaps

Medicare Supplements are private insurance plans that fill in the “gaps” between what original medicare pays and what your out-of-pocket costs are. These plans are sometimes also called Medigap or MedSupp. They can cover health care costs like your Part A and Part B deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.

Who is Eligible for Medigap Supplement Plans?

You must be:

  1. Enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B
  2. 65 years or older or under 65 on a disability*

*If you are under 65 on a disability, you have limited options as insurance companies are not required to sell Medigap plans to those on disability under 65 years old. Reach out to our Independent Medicare Supplement Insurance agents to see what options are available to you.

What do Medigap Plans Cover?

There are 10 Medsupp plans in Washington State. These plans are standardized by the federal government so each letter offers the same coverage. These plans are sold by private health insurance companies. The amount of coverage depends on the letter you choose.

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Medigap Plan Comparison Chart

Medigap Benefits Medigap Plans
Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up to an additional 365 days after Medicare benefits are used up
Part B coinsurance or copayment 50% 75%
Blood (first 3 pints) 50% 75%
Part A hospice care coinsurance or copayment 50% 75%
Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance 50% 75%
Part A deductible 50% 75% 50%
Part B deductible
Part B
Foreign travel exchange (up to plan limits) 80% 80% 80% 80% 80% 80%
Out-of-pocket limit N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $5,880 in 2020 ($6,220 in 2021) $2,940 in 2020 ($3,110 in 2021) N/A N/A

When can I enroll in a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan in WA State

You can enroll in a Medsupp plan during your Open Enrollment Period (OEP). This begins the first month you are 65 or older and enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B. This Open Enrollment period lasts 6 months.

Choosing a Medigap Insurance Plan

When you are deciding which Medigap plan to choose you should consider your health, international travel needs and budget. Some Medsupp plans are going to offer richer benefits with a higher premium. Some offer lower benefits with a lower premium. Other Medigap plans offer some coverage out to the country. Our Independent Medicare insurance agents can help analyze your needs to help you find the correct plan.

What providers accept Medigap plans?

Medicare supplements are accepted by any doctor or hospital in the U.S that accepts Medicare insurance. These plans are great if you travel a lot in the states or split your time between houses. Some MedSupp letters also include some coverage abroad.

Why Use a Medicare Supplement Broker?

Medicare plans and policies are complicated. In fact, many people have not made a health insurance decision before they get to Medicare. The plan that works for your friend or family member may not be the right plan for you. Our agents can help you analyze all your options to find one that fits into your budget and health needs. There is no fee for our help!

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Medicare Supplement FAQs

What Medigap plans are available in Washington State?

All 10 Medigap plans are available in Washington: Plans A, B, D, G, K, L, M, N, C, F.* To buy a C or F plan, you must have been eligible for Medicare before 1/1/2020.

What are the most popular Medicare supplement plans?

According to AHIP, in 2018 53% of people were enrolled Plan F. 17% were enrolled in Plan G. 10% were enrolled in Plan N. Plan G is the most popular for those who have turned 65 after 1/1/2020. Plan N is also popular, but it does not cover Medicare’s excess charges. We also see a lot of people enrolling in the high deductible Plan G.

Do Medicare Supplements cover my Part D?

No, if you would like prescription drug coverage you must purchase a separate Part D plan.

What is the difference between Medicare advantage and Medicare supplement?

MedAdvantage plans must cover everything original Medicare covers. However, they can add Part D RX coverage, vision, dental, and other benefits. The MedAdvantage plan replaces your original Medicare coverage and you use a private insurance company network. Medigap plans still use original Medicare and, depending on the letter you choose, cover some of your the out of pocket expenses.

Are Medigap Plans Available to Those Under 65 on Disability in Washington?

Yes, you can purchase a Medicare supplement if you are under 65 on Disability. However, there are only 2 carriers offering plans at this time.

How much do medicare supplement plans cost?

Washington is one of a few states that require community rating pricing. Generally, this means that the price is the same for everyone. Premiums cannot increase with age, but can due to inflation.

What is the difference between medicare supplement plan F and plan G?

Medigap plan F and plan G are very similar. The main difference between the two is Medigap plan G does not cover your Part B deductible and usually has a lower premium. These days even if you are eligible to purchase plan F many people choose plan G as it can be a better bang for your buck.

When can you change medicare supplement plans?

Washington State has a law that allows you to switch your Medigap plan guaranteed issue at any time. If you are enrolled in Medigap plans B-N you can switch to any other carrier’s plans B-N. You can even change your Medigap letter. Those enrolled in Medigap Plan A can only switch to any other Medigap A.

Medicare Services We Help With

Medicare Advantage Plans

MedAdvantage Plans combine your Part A, Part B, Part C & Part D. These are offered by private insurance companies and can have very low premiums.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap plans are lettered plans such as Plan G & Plan F supplement your existing Medicare coverage. They help cover deductibles, co-insurance and more.

Medicare Part D Drug Plans

Prescription Drug Plans can be purchased as a stand product or paired with a Medigap plan. Part D drug plans are offered by private insurance companies to cover prescriptions.

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