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Barb Walker

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When people ask me why I chose insurance as a career after leaving the fashion industry, I tell them it’s because I love building relationships, cutting through confusion and solving problems. Insurance in a nutshell.
My business acumen began at a young age, working in my father’s pharmacy. I learned customer service was paramount. I saw firsthand that business owners need all the hours in the day to run their business, not be distracted by ancillary noise. I made it my mission to help. To get to know my clients’ businesses to make them run better, faster, stronger, easier. To make their insurance headaches go away.

Before becoming a broker (nearly 20 years ago now), I spent 17 years working on the inside at Regence. That experience gave me a unique perspective on how carriers think. It helps me be a more effective negotiator and advocate.
My clients know that they can focus on their business and I’ll focus on their benefits. I won’t make it complicated. I won’t use jargon. I will give them straight answers. I’ll handle their employee claims issues. I’ll fight the fights and go to the mat for them.

I grew up in Stanwood and love living on Camano Island in the beach house my parents built with my husband and two dogs, Ellie & Junior. When I’m not wearing my insurance hat, I’m working on a renovation project or out on the water, crabbing or boating. Oh, and I’m always up for a round of golf…you’ll be guaranteed to feel as though your game has improved after playing with me.

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