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Free guidance to help you choose a WA state Medicare supplement for your needs.

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Free guidance to help you choose a WA state Medicare supplement for your needs.

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Individual & Family Health Insurance

Individual and family health insurance has changed a lot since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. There are many benefits and tax incentives by purchasing health insurance in the marketplace known as the Washington Health Plan Finder. However, some medical insurance plans are more affordable and have other benefits that make going directly to a health insurance company more beneficial that purchasing straight from the WAHealthPlanFinder.

McGregor Benefits offers free help deciding which plan is best for you. If it’s best that you purchase a healthcare plan from the Washington State marketplace we will tell you that. If you would be better off purchasing through us or another provider, we will tell you that too.

Individual & Family Marketplace Health Insurance Coverage

There are four categories of healthcare plans on the Washington State Marketplace.

  • Bronze: The insurer pays an average of 60 percent of your healthcare costs; you pay 40 percent.
  • Silver: The insurer pays 70 percent; you pay 30 percent.
  • Gold: The insurer pays 80 percent; you pay 20 percent.
  • Platinum: The insurer pays 90 percent; you pay 10 percent.

These are general out-of-pocket medical expenses. There are variations of each type of plan, so no two Bronze plans will be the same, for example.

Choosing a Private Health Insurance Plan

Aside from the public marketplace, you can also purchase private health insurance from a company directly. These health insurance plans still follow the above metal tier system. That is because the Affordable Care Act mandates that private insurance policies still offer minimum benefits.

Health insurance companies are now mandated by the Affordable Care Act to offer a minimum amount of coverage. However, insurers may offer plans at a lower price and/or with a wider network. If you purchase directly through an insurer, you cannot qualify for the premium discounts offered by plans purchased through the WAhealthplanfinder.

A McGregor Benefits insurance agent will find out if you qualify for premium discounts and help you get them if you do qualify. A private health insurance agent will also walk you through your healthcare coverage options because they can be confusing. You will need to assess your healthcare needs, review the options, crunch the numbers and choose the plan that makes the most sense for your finances and your health. Our agents have tools available to make this process easier, and compare plans across multiple private insurance companies without having to contact them directly. 

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Group Insurance Plans for Companies

Help your employees and staff protect themselves from financial crisis and stay healthy. Protecting employees and their families creates a better company culture, improves your image with your team, and make people feel safe. Providing coverage is not as difficult as it used to be. We can help you put together a benefits package and insurance plan for employees in order to stay competitive in your market.

Medicare Brokers in Fairhaven

Getting started with Medicare coverage can be a tricky and long process if you don’t know where to start. Choosing between Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D can seem daunting. We will give you all of the Medicare answers that you need whether you hire us or not. Get your Medicare insurance plan to cover your hospital bills, medical bills, prescription payments, and supplemental benefits.

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Did you know that our service is completly free? That’s right – you don’t pay a penny for our help. We have helped thousands of people in Washington understand how Medicare works and how to get coverage. Call us today to get your questions answerd.

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