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Do you have the right health insurance plan for your needs? Is your family sufficiently protected? Do your employees know their benefits? It is difficult choosing the right plan, but a good insurance agency can make all the difference in the world. McGregor Benefits is a health insurance agency near Bellingham that will help you choose the perfect plan for your needs.
Employer Group Health Insurance

Learn about our comprehensive approach to your benefits package.

Individual & Family Insurance Plans

Free guidance to help you choose a WA state Medicare supplement for your needs.

Medicare Insurance Plans

Free guidance to help you choose a WA state Medicare supplement for your needs.

Employer Benefits

Provide better insurance benefits to your employees without breaking the bank.

Medicare Enrollment

Work with an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker to get coverage today.

Family Insurance

Protect your family from unexpected medical expenses during emergencies.

HR Compliance

Simplify HR administration, onboarding, ACA compliance, PTO tracking.

Individual and Family Insurance

The thought of being unable to afford medical expenses is a scary one. Healthcare is expensive in the United States, but with the right insurance plan you can make sure you’re protected for a reasonable amount. If your company doesn’t provide employee benefits, you will need an individual or family insurance plan – and that’s where we can help.

You can talk to an expert health insurance broker in Bellingham, and discuss your family’s needs. We work with expert insurance producers in this area who would be happy to get on a call and assist you. Researching and picking the best plan for your family can be difficult, because you may not know what to look for. Our brokers will help you overcome this problem, and make protecting yourself and your family easy.

Free help. That’s right. Even if you purchase through the WAhealthplanfinder, you do not pay us a fee for the help, nor do you pay us a premium. Our service is free to you.

A Comprehensive Insurance Package

We provide medical, dental, and vision plans so you are completely protected. Unexpected hospitalization costs can leave you struggling to recover, which is why you need a well-rounded plan from a reliable health insurance agency. Bellingham is just 27 minutes away from our Burlington office, so you can visit us anytime for an in-person consultation. Visit our Contact page for directions.

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Employee Benefits

Are you unhappy with your renewal rates? Do you think your current plan isn’t right for your company? Talk to one of our employee benefits producers, and they will help you choose a better plan. As an employer, you need to walk the balance between providing a comprehensive benefits package and choosing something affordable. Doing both is difficult, and managing it with a busy schedule is nearly impossible. Let us help.

McGregor Benefits is an employee benefits company near Bellingham with expert advisors who will go over your needs and present options that are best for you. Go with whichever plan sounds right to you, and we’ll take care of the rest. We hold employee meetings to make sure they know their benefits, and we’re always available to answer their questions.

Check out our employee health insurance details.

Check out our employee dental insurance details.

Associations offer Employer Group Discounts

We work with several associations that offer specific industries discounted rates for employer group plans. Ask us if you qualify.

Making Health Insurance Simple

We work with over 50 insurance carriers in WA and we can help you find the one that’s right for you. Time is money, and we work on your behalf so you don’t have to waste any time. Just tell us your needs, and we’ll use our decades of experience to find the right fit and negotiate the best rates possible. Talk to one of our expert employee benefits brokers today!


If you’re new to Medicare and aren’t sure what plan to choose at the Annual Open Enrollment, our Medicare insurance agents can guide you. Or if you’re satisfied with your current plan but want to work with our agency, we can help you there as well. Just get a broker of record letter from our office, and a Medicare insurance broker from our agency will get in touch to answer your questions.

Our Medicare agents will take you through eligibility, the enrollment process, and the different parts of Medicare, so you can find the right low-cost health insurance coverage for your needs. For basic information about Medicare, visit our Medicare page online.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

A Health Insurance Agency that Cares

At McGregor Benefits we want to find the best plan for you. The good new is you won’t pay anything extra for our services, and your rates will be the same whether or not you hire us. So whether you’re looking for a broker or just have some questions, we’ll gladly help you all the same.

Call one of our expert producers for help today

Did you know that our service is completly free? That’s right – you don’t pay a penny for our help. We have helped thousands of people in Washington understand how Medicare works and how to get coverage. Call us today to get your questions answerd.

Our Insurance Carriers

You will have access to 50+ insurance companies in Washington ensuring that you get the health insurance plan and coverage for you, your family, and/or your employees.


HR Services We Offer

Simplify Human Resources administration tasks with the HR tools provided by McGregor Benefits. Simplify employee on-boarding, ACA compliance, PTO tracking, and more.

Providing Insurance to Washington State

As an Independent Health Insurance Agency, we offer plans from over 50 Insurance Carriers in the state of Washington.

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