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Medical insurance and benefits for yourself, family, or employees is an important part of life in Mount Vernon. Unfortunately, choosing the best health plan or benefits plan can be a complicated matter. McGregor Benefits team members are proud to make protecting your family simpler, easier, and affordable.
Employer Group Health Insurance

Learn about our comprehensive approach to your benefits package.

Individual & Family Insurance Plans

Free guidance to help you choose a WA state Medicare supplement for your needs.

Medicare Insurance Plans

Free guidance to help you choose a WA state Medicare supplement for your needs.

Employer Benefits

Provide better insurance benefits to your employees without breaking the bank.

Medicare Enrollment

Work with an Independent Medicare Insurance Broker to get coverage today.

Family Insurance

Protect your family from unexpected medical expenses during emergencies.

HR Compliance

Simplify HR administration, onboarding, ACA compliance, PTO tracking.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

Individuals and families in Mount Vernon want to ensure that their family is protected, that they have income during periods when they can’t work, and that they can afford medical, dental, and vision coverage for themselves and their family.

Usually, individuals and families look for insurance and health plans if they do not get employee benefits from their employer. If you are not supplied these benefits through an employer group benefits plan, then you will want to provide yourself and your family insurance and benefits. McGregor Benefits looks out for you by offering free help even if you don’t use us. We help you find the best premium even if you do not us to serve you.

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Employee Benefits

Employers want to give their team the best employee benefits, not just the benefits that they can afford. Sometimes it’s better to choose self-funded insurance plans where employees contribute or pay for their insurance and benefits in full themselves. Either way, the rates for employer group insurance and benefits are better than if your team members purchased insurance and benefits himself/herself.

The Right Low-cost Health Insurance Coverage

As an independent health insurance agency, our network allows us to search hundreds of providers and thousands of policies to find what you need and are looking for.

Let us advise you on your individual, family, and business health insurance. Call one of our producers in your area now to experience the difference.


Medicare is an important benefit as well as a right to those who qualify, and it can also be confusing. We help Mount Vernon residents figure out how to simply and quickly get their Medicare benefits they deserve.

Why Choose McGregor Benefits

We have agents from all over so we are local to Mount Vernon. Helping our community is part of our mission, so we work hard for you. We offer Mount Vernon residents free individual and family insurance assistance. That means that whether you use us or not, we will help you get the best premium possible.

Call one of our expert producers for help today

Did you know that our service is completly free? That’s right – you don’t pay a penny for our help. We have helped thousands of people in Washington understand how Medicare works and how to get coverage. Call us today to get your questions answerd.

Our Insurance Carriers

You will have access to 50+ insurance carriers ensuring that you get the health insurance plan and coverage for you, your family, and/or your employees.


HR Services We Offer

Simplify Human Resources administration tasks with the HR tools provided by McGregor Benefits. Simplify employee on-boarding, ACA compliance, PTO tracking, and more.

Providing Insurance to Washington State

As an Independent Health Insurance Agency, we offer plans from over 50 Insurance Carriers in the state of Washington.

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